Workshop 7: Reading for Meaning

Reading is about enjoyment and learning.  The end goal of reading is comprehension.   Schools and statewide accountability put a heavy emphasis on reading.  In order to show reading proficiency, our children are required to take tests to demonstrate how much they have learned during the school year.  The state assessments use reading passages with questions designed to test a student’s level of comprehension.  During the test, students are allowed to go back to the text to help them answer the questions.  But with the long passages given to them and the limited time available, this becomes difficult.  There are strategies that we can teach our students to help them become better test-takers.  This session will focus on what comprehension is, and practical ways parents can help students answer comprehension questions.

Click here to download the activities and agenda associated with this workshop, in both English and Spanish. In order to access the site you will need the last four digits of the book's ISBN number and the last word on page 129.

This activity will focus on using content words as a way to increase comprehension.

Changing Informational Text to Poetry
This activity addresses Reading Comprehension, Writing Applications, and Written and Oral English Language Conventions by using content word analysis to change the text type, while still maintaining the meaning of the original piece.

Alphabetical Inventions
This activity addresses Word Analysis, and Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary Development by playing an alphabet game with varying levels of difficulty.

Funny Faced Fiction
This activity addresses Writing Strategies and Writing Applications by creating silly figures and then developing a story to accompany the illustration.

Planning a Trip
This activity addresses Writing Applications, Reading Comprehension, Written and Oral English Language Conventions, and Listening and Speaking Strategies by asking children to use various resources to research an unfamiliar location.