The Organizing Committee has officially announced that the International Symposium on Special Education will take place November, 2003 in Havana City, Cuba. The event is sponsored by University of Havana.

     Leading Cuban and international specialists will share their knowledge and experience on the subject with all the participants of the conference. This convention will be an excellent opportunity for everyone (professionals, relatives, etc.) interested in the social personal and educational problems that persons affected by disability face in everyday life. 

The fees for participants are as follows:
  • 175.00 USD for professionals
  • 100.00 USD for relatives and students properly accredited by their centers of study, work or relatives associations

Requirements for presentations:

The following categories will be available: Round Tables, Videos, Workshops, Posters and Lectures.

The presentations must be submitted to the Symposium's Organizing Committee before the following dates:
  • Cuban participants: May 30th, 2003
  • Foreign participants: June 30th, 2003
One page summary of the presentation must include:
  1. Title
  2. Author(s)
  3. Scientific Degree(s) and/or Academic Degree(s) * **
  4. Profession
  5. Organization/Institution to which the applicant belongs
  6. Country, City
  7. Personal Address
  8. Phone number, Fax, email address
* Relatives of patients are not required to provide this information
** Students are asked to specify what year of studies they are currently in

Time lines for presentations/sessions:
  • Workshops - up to 2 hours
  • Round Tables - up to 1 hour
  • Lectures, speeches and presentations - up to 20 minutes
  • Videos - no specific limit
     The organizing Committee will assess and then select presentations based on their scientific, academic and social impact. Selected speakers will b e notified in July 2003.

     Selected presentations must be submitted in full by e-mail, fax or another delivery way to the Organizing Committee before August 30, 2003 so that they are included in the newsletter for the event. A letter from the author(s) authorizing the publication without any liability to the Organizing Committee must accompany these presentations.

     If a participant whose presentation is selected doesn't wish their work to be published in the newsletter, a letter stating this request should replace the previously mentioned agreement.

The summaries and full text presentations must be presented on paper and on magnetic media (using Microsoft Word).

The official travel agency of the event is Mercadú S.A.:
Address: University of Havana, Varona building, San Lázaro and L street, Havana City, Cuba.
Fax: (53-7) 33-5842, (53-7) 33-5774
Phone: (53-7) 70-4667

     The Committee will provide further information with the addresses of other travel agencies that keep working relationships with Mercadú S.A. These agencies will be able to direct and advise you in your travel arrangements and hotel reservations. You may also choose to contact any travel agency in your country that offers travel and accommodations in Cuba.

For any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact:

In Cuba
Dr. Maria Teresa Garcia, Professor
University of Havana
President of the Organizing Committee

In Mexico
M.A. Marco A. Villa V., Professor
Universidad Autonoma de Baja California

In the U.S.A.
Dr. Stanley L. Swartz, Professor
California State University, San Bernardino
Autism Research Group
4560 N. Hallmark Parkway, #9576
San Bernardino, CA 92407
Tel. 909.792-7201
Fax. 909.862-4045