Monograph of

The Annual

International Congress on Challenges to Education:

Balancing Unity and Diversity in a Changing World

Mexico City, Mexico

August 30-September 1, 2000

Ciudad de México, México

30 de agosto-1 de septiembre del 2000


Table of Contents:

Aldo Ramirez Bazan

Efectos de un Metodo Para La Enseñanza Funcional de la Lectura y la Escritura en el Primer Grado de Primaria

Aldo Ramirez Bazan

Factores Asociados con la Adquisicion y Dominio de la Lengua Escrita n Niños Sonorenses de Primer

Robert Barocio

"Navigating the Currents of Change: The Leader's Role

Hans Bertsch

A Case Study in International Environmental Education

Tom Brady, Arturo Pacheco, Sally Blake, Connie Tubo Della-Piana

Building a Foundation for Participation in the Digital Revolution: The Partnership for Excellence in Teacher Education

Tom Brady, Arturo Pacheco, Sally Blake, Connie Tubo Della-Piana

Keeping the Whole Village Together: Sharing Responsibility for the Learning of All Students

Elmano Costa

The Challenge of Building a Community-Sponsored Portuguese Studies Program at an American University: A Case Study of an Ultraminority in California

Melody D'Ambrosio

Leadership in Today's World

Tony Evangelisto

Developing Literacy and Language Skills: A Process Approach that Uses Interaction and Active Learning

Ruth Ledbetter Galaz

Technology as a Vehicle for Understanding

Martin Castillo Gonzalez and Ursino Cervantes Vasquez

Educacion y Cultura

Maria Guadalupe Cerda Ibargüengoitia

Challenges to Education in Mexico

Leslie Irwin

Culture and Gender in Computer Technology in Developing Nations

Adria Klein

Test Taking Strategies: Developing Metacognitive Understandings

John Leipzig

Ethical Constraint in Academic Administration: The Pressure of Unity and Diversity

Ann Lutterman-Aguilar

Challenges Faced by Academic Programs Abroad: Breaking Stereotypes and Promoting Intercultural Awareness

James McAreavey

"Multicultural Reflections Through Literature"

Marjorie McCabe

"Is It a Disability or a Language Difference?"

Margarita Miska

The Challenges of Evaluating Spanish-Speaking Students with Standardized Achievement Tests

Margarita Gomez-Palacio Munoz, Keynote Speaker

Prevention of School Failure in Basic Education in Mexico

Maria del Carmen Esquivel Orozco

Educational System Organization and Values in Education

Arturo Bouzas Riano, Keynote Speaker

Human Capital Formation, A Psychological Problem

Theressa Ann Sams

Southern California Natural Sustainable Resources Academy (Grades K-12 and Post-Secondary): A Program for Teacher Leaders in Science Education Reform Development and Implementation Plan Using the Oregon Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources program Design

Enrique Perez Santana

Los Valores en la Universidad: Una Reflexion desde la Frontera Norte de Mexico

Linda Shank

The Co-Curricular Culture Model: Bridging the Gap Between Academics and Student Affairs

Mary Elizabeth Shutler and Alex Zukas

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Online Global Studies

Stanley L. Swartz, Cecilia Contreras Luna, Monica Inesta Castillo, Carime Hagg Hagg, Marco A. Villa Vargas

Educational Issues

Concepcion Barron Tirado

Formacian Profesional Y Valores

Nena Torrez

Crossing Borders to Create Culturally Consonant Education: An Analysis of Techniques that are Academically Empowering for Children of Immigrant and Guest Workers

Frank Vivio

Graduate Student Research Opportunities at United States Department of Energy National Laboratories